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Alethalouís 60th Birthday Celebration

asked Jo to help me celebrate my 60th Birthday. I really didnít know the extent of what it meant to have Jo help you celebrate. I thought she would just be the MC at the party and ask people to share some stories about me. She brought my history to life in a loving and most extraordinary fun way!
The first part of the party was dinner and a play at the Actors Theatre which I arranged. After this at 10:45 pm at the theatre the party began.

Was I in for an amazing surprise!
She asked me to send her a list of all of those who were invited. She contacted them all by phone and email. Many of them sent her the stories they wrote about special memories and interesting experiences they had with me. At the event, she read some of the stories from people who could not attend and then many of those who were there got up and shared their memories and reflections. My husband even sang to me. Lots of fun and funny memories were shared. We laughed a lot for sure. I also wrote a highlighted history of important life experiences, major changes and transitions in my life which she shared in a very insightful way during the party. My 83 year old aunt who could not attend even sent my birth announcement which Jo presented to me during the celebration. My aunt had saved it all those years!! My aunt also had the newspaper clipping of my motherís wedding announcement which she sent to Jo. To start the party off, everyone said the Alethalou cheer which Jo created and we had bubbles too.

She read my mind.
I was going to ask her to have bubbles. That really got the energy flowing. Being the wild Queen that I am, I got up on the stage with her and sat in a special chair that became my throne. At one point during the sharing her phone rang while she was on stage. She excused herself and said she had to answer it. I was a bit surprised that she would do that in the middle of my party. She talked with the person for a minute or so and then handed the phone to me. It was my first boyfriend Ron who lives in South Dakota. It was 11:00 pm our time and 1:00 am his time, but he stayed up just to call to wish me a happy birthday. She also took all of the stories and photos people sent her, printed them with incredible borders and made me an amazing old fashioned memory scrapbook which she presented to me on stage at the end of the party.

She truly captured who I am and made it all come to life.
It was an evening of continuous surprises. We all had great, great fun, which allowed me, Alethalou, the Queen, and all of my wildness to shine and celebrate a most important day.
I thank you Jo for creating a living celebration honoring my wild and diverse life experiences. It was truly a life time memory! It was awesome! Everyone loved it!"  
- Alethalou

"Hi Jo!
Aletha's 60th birthday party was a GRAND TIME!
You did a wonderful thing for her putting that "memorial" together and I can't thank you enough! It was a gas! It was great to see you in "action" too, doing what you do best (even if it was 11:00 pm in the evening!!!!) I KNOW she had such a smashing 60th!!!"  -

"Greetings Jo
What a pleasure to visit with you during the planning for Aletha Lou's birthday celebration.
Wish I was there it sounds like a success and great fun. I talked to Aletha Lou the next day and she was still on a "high" about the fantastic evening. You did an excellent job of planning and making this a special event for her".  - Ron