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"Recently Jo Schechter of LifeStream Celebrations gave us a great gift with her talents of bringing together our community of staff, clients and family members for a client who recently passed away. She outlined, planned and performed a beautiful ceremony to honor him which was held in the chapel at Major Family Funeral Home. She interviewed the staff and learned about him in depth. She really captured who he was and brought his special spirit to this celebration of his life. The staff made beautiful flower arrangements and his special pictures were displayed in the chapel. She incorporated the music he loved and even had us dance in his honor as dancing was so much a part of his self expression and passion for living. She created a very safe space for everyone to share their reflections and love for him. Both staff and his peers shared sensitive caring thoughts and in great emotional depth about him. Even many of his peers, who were not always able to be verbally articulate, were able to fully express their love for him and their sorrow about his loss. I know Jo to be supportive, gentle and clear in her communication. I can recommend her for any life celebration or memorial that you want help in creating. She will make it a very personalized, caring, and a truly special experience."

Julianne Harris,
Development Director
Alvord Taylor
Supportive Living Services.